Your future can be certain and it is all in the design. If you wish to manifest a legacy of your family traditions and spirituality, and document those for the generations to come, then you can create this through your estate plan. Have historical tools, books, belongings, and practices you want to make sure move down the family line to your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren? Wish to include a special ceremony or practice as part of your end-of-life decisions? Most people would never think of an estate plan as the avenue to do this but it is the perfect place!

Our legacy is not really about wealth at all. Can we focus our energy on manifesting wealth and abundance for generations to come? We absolutely can! But how do we teach our children gratitude for that abundance? How do we teach them to thank and praise our ancestors for their guidance and wisdom and protections? How do we teach them to respect, cultivate, and care for nature and the planet we inhabit? Maybe you recognize and revere the Wheel of the Year and maybe you just feel like there is more out there and that traditional religion doesn't speak to you. Maybe you have created your own blend of tradition and spirituality for your special events and holidays throughout the year and you want to pass this down. You are your own guide and I am here to help you document that as part of your legacy. 

Many times we find that when we seek our own path that our family doesn't quite understand the journey we are on and it is up to us to make sure that whatever we believe or create would be shared with our children if we were gone. Other times we know that one spouse brings their unique traditions and beliefs to the family and that they could be lost if the named guardians of the children will be from the other familial side. 

 ~Learn how to create an ancestral legacy for your family and children, and protect these ideas and traditions most important to you~

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